About the designer

A commitment to the astonishing, a dedication to exquisiteness, and an undying passion for the creation of worth the while, is the emblem that outlines the character traits that have motivated Amit Sachdeva to augment the label Amit Sachdeva Studio which is common for both unbridled luxury and edgy style. Amit Sachdeva, a New Delhi – India-based designer is an alumni of Pearl Fashion Academy New Delhi. Amit launched his Label Amit Sachdeva Studio in the year 2009
Amit is a skilled textile expert and the richness of his knowledge around the textiles reflect in the finesse of the outfits. His strong interest in art, architecture, and foreign cultures reflect in his sense of design and style for he does not bind himself to a strata segment but experiments in a wide horizon of fashion space for women.

Amit describes his designs as “melded with western notions of cut construct and finish, nonetheless using Indian detailing and craftsmanship, is the philosophy of my label Amit Sachdeva. I’d say that my way of designing is very meditative. I design with all my heart and mind with zero thoughts in between. I like to take my own sweet time to finish or start a design. I can’t design under any time pressure. I am a perfectionist and I pay attention to minutest details.”

As the young, affluent designer he continues to discover this fresh unconventional approach to designing that concentrates on creating a masterpiece in each outfit, thereby ensuring the extraordinary level of luxury demanded by his perceptive clientele.
The market has commended and lauded his insightful collections that combine both impeccable quality and unconfined boundless delivery of outfits all across the globe for the world to share a phenomenal success story today with his proprietary store in Gurgaon and collections available via many multi-designer stores and mono-brand stores.

The label recently launched their handloom collection called HAS (handlooms by Amit Sachdeva). The label HAS provided work to almost 35 weavers in the northeast part of India. Every fabric in this collection is intricately woven in designs, colors, and patterns corresponding to the collection.

Exceptionally spiritual in his nature Amit is very detailed and the love of his clients determines his success story.